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We want to capture those unique, magic moments that may never come again…


Not only do we want to catch your exciting action shots, but also those candid moments that can mean so much.  We think of you as family and are blessed by the ever growing circle of wonderful people we meet along the way.

Springfield Photography is available to photograph canine and equine sporting events, as well as private events and special occasions .

We provide professional, friendly service.

Contact us at californiadreamer408@gmail.com or call 502.694.2299 to discuss how we can be of assistance.

God Bless you and yours!

*** CD Orders***  You need to select ALL of the photos you want on your CD.  Use the “Add photo to my CD” option after you have selected the type of CD you are purchasing.  Be sure to use the slide on the side of the selection box until you see ADD TO CART and enter that every time you select a photo.  Need help?  Give us a call!!

*** Please note that the shopping cart WILL NOT save your selections once you leave the site.  You are welcome to write down your selections and call in your order or mail them to us with payment if you prefer.  Thank you!!!***


Advanced Photo Editing Services

We are pleased to offer professional photo editing using the latest techniques and technology. 

Services range from photo enhancements, to the correction of complex photo elements. 

Whether it is one of our photos or one of your own, our dedicated specialist can help. 

Contact us for pricing and details!